Mood Board for Desmond & Wife

Hi Desmond,

I wanted to create a mood board for you to peruse. These are ideas, and everything we do is fully customisable - style, diamond size, 18k gold of your choice or platinum or a mix of both.

Please let me know if you like any of the styles or parts of the styles below and we can go from there.

Classic, Slightly Art Deco Style

Each individual jadeite separated by diamonds. I love the round and the baguette mix, creates an old glamour art deco style.

The dividing diamonds can be any shape.I believe your Jadeite is not all the same size but we can either mix and match or try to have a subtle transfer of size from larger to smaller.

If we don't use baguettes and substitute with other cuts, will look less art deco.

More Substantial Necklace

I love this because it offers a larger look but it is very gold/platinum heavy. Apologies, I am unsure which metal and colour you prefer.

The mismatched sizes of Jadeite would fit well here, though would not be as densely packed as the stones here, the style can be altered to suit your preference and we can also make it less "large".

Modern Twist

Very modern take on setting stones, probably not quite what you are looking for on the Jadeite necklace, but you may enjoy this style on the large Aquamarine where the ribbons are holding the top left and the bottom right corner and they wrap around twice in both of these corners with diamonds.

Bow Style Setting

Another version of a ribbon framing the beautiful Aquamarine, though with a bow this time.

Bows are currently quite popular in Asia, but it is a very personal preference.

Pearls & Diamonds

You mentioned setting the Aquamarine with diamonds and pearls, I think this is a beautiful style chain, perhaps on the larger side though, I think a smaller more delicate version would be beautiful.

Something similar maybe that could be worn with or without the Aquamarine pendant. Just a thought.

Chain Style

A beautiful chain style, and some of the diamonds could be replaced with pearls in random places to soften the overall look or on the bar dividers.

Am not fond of the actual stone setting, so if you like this necklace style, we can tweak everything else.

Modern Aquamarine Setting

Whilst your Aquamarine is an emerald cut, I do really love this cool modern necklace style. It's very 3D and solid gold/platinum heavy.

I would however make it more of an open C shape rather than the sharp V shape it is here so it sits nicer on the neck.

Classic Statement

We could use more Aquamarines on the necklace itself or we can incorporate pearls into it, either into the chain or the necklace setting itself.

The Megaladon Necklace

Absolutely divine statement necklace, but am unsure on how out there you are looking to go with your pieces.

We could so something like this with aquamarines on the chain instead of diamonds to make it financially more friendly.

We can cut aquamarines to size to ensure perfection.

Modern East-West Setting

Modern east-west set Aquamarine on a diamond chain. Simple yet effective.

The round diamonds can be replaced by pearls if you wish. Or we can custom cut more Aquamarines.

Chunky Modern

Again, another east west setting style in a solid gold or platinum setting with or without a bezel on the Aquamarine.

Heavy gold and bezel settings are very trendy right now especially in America, which usually starts worldwide trends on jewellery.

I have a great chain idea, a design we are currently refining with the team, see slide below.

Image with text

This chain in the photos features blackened platinum links and blackened diamond setting, giving it a darker contrast.

We are stying ours with button set diamonds in platinum, with platinum links (not blackened) and 18k solid yellow gold balls.

The chain would work beautifully with the style above.

Bezel Setting

As mentioned bezel settings and styles are very much in. From the clean crisp bezels to more unique ones such as this.

Heavy gold unique chains are very much in vogue, antique styles re-imagined in particular.