Argyle Mine Pink Diamonds

Natural Argyle pink diamonds by Valentina Fine Jewellery Hong Kong. Collector's diamonds, irreplaceable. Free global shipping including USA.

Rarest of the Rare

On November 3rd 2020, the Argyle Mine in Western Australia ceased mining operations. After 37 years in operation, diamond mining here depleted reserves and was no longer financially viable, making each and every certified Argyle mined pink diamond a treasure.

The Argyle Pink Diamond™ Colour Guide

As the origin of the world's 90% of pink diamonds, the Argyle diamond mine developed a unique grading system for their rare diamonds.

Argyle Pink Diamond Colour Chart by Valentina Fine Jewellery Hong Kong

Argyle divided their pink diamonds into four categories - Purplish Pink (PP), Pink (P), Pink Rose (PR) and Pink Champagne (PC).

Within each category the pink diamonds are further rated by colour intensity, ranging from a 9 for the first 3 categories as the lightest saturation to a 1 which is the strongest saturation.

Pink Champagne category has 3 colour strength saturations.

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