Natural Colombian Emeralds

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The Beauty of Colombian Emerald Green Colour

Colombian emeralds generally have more trace amounts of chromium compared to other emeralds, which is what gives them the pure, bright, saturated emerald green colour so beloved by many in these beautiful gemstones.

Colombian Emerald Engagement Rings

We often get asked, are emeralds a good choice for an engagement ring?

Emeralds are a stunning unique choice for an engagement ring due to their captivating green colour. Ranking an 8 on the Mohs Scale, emeralds are relatively tough with only Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby ranking higher.

Emeralds are beautiful and tough, but they can also be brittle due to their internal inclusions, known as the internal "jardin". Some inclusions are surface reaching, these are called fissures. It is important to ensure the fissures are not located on the table or corners, compromising the emerald's integrity.

Emerald jardin is normal and is part of the emerald's fingerprint. When choosing an emerald for daily wear such as an engagement ring, be sure to look for a stone that is certified with either no oil, insignificant oil or minor oil only. This means the surface-reaching inclusions are kept to a minimum and "oil" means the stone has not been filled with resin.

With the emerald as the primary engagement ring stone, consider the emerald setting to protect the it, such as side stones, a bezel or a diamond halo.

Emerald Fine Jewellery

At Valentina Fine Jewellery, we have a selection of beautiful emerald jewellery in many shades of green available to purchase in our online store.

Should you require a one-off bespoke emerald creation, please contact us to discuss.

Bespoke Emerald Jewellery for Men

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Emeralds for Him

Looking for a gift for your husband for a special birthday or an anniversary, or looking to treat yourself to a special emerald piece of jewellery?

At Valentina Fine Jewellery, we design custom emerald men's jewellery with the wearer in mind.

Solid gold and Colombian emerald rings designed to your specification with your chosen emerald or custom made bespoke emerald and solid gold cufflinks, the choice is yours.

Bespoke Cufflinks

More than just Colombian Emeralds

We source emeralds from Colombia, Zambia, Brazil and other countries.

We love Colombian emeralds, but the reality is, there are equally as beautiful emeralds out there that are not mined in Colombia. If you prefer the darker deeper hues, you are probably looking for a Zambian emerald.

We can source certified and non-certified emeralds with your budget in mind. Contact us today to begin your emerald journey.

Investment Grade Emeralds: Chivor, Muzo and Coscuez

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Chivor, Muzo & Coscuez Emeralds

Some of the finest emeralds in the world come from the Muzo, Chivor and Coscuez mines. For geological reasons, each of these regions produces emeralds with different characteristics, hues and colours. Muzo is typically associated with darker, pure green stones. Chivor tends to yield lighter emeralds with a bluish-green tint. Coscuez is renowned for slightly yellowish-green gems.

If you are looking for a Gubelin No Oil Colombian emerald from one of these special mines, please contact us with your query.

Our Skilled Craftsmanship

Setting an emerald into a piece of jewellery requires a lot of skill, years of practice and knowledge. During the jewellery setting process, many inexperienced jewellers crack and chip the emeralds. The heat and the pressure applied to the emerald during setting can all be detrimental to the emerald.

At Valentina Fine Jewellery, our sifu master bench jeweller is the one that sets our emeralds into jewellery in our workshop with over 20 years experience, ensuring your finished emerald piece of jewellery is perfect.