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Hand selected certified diamonds set into our custom-made clean, modern, delicate engagement ring settings made in 18K gold or platinum, keeping the perfect focus on the centre diamond.

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Why Choose Valentina Fine Jewellery

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  • Bespoke Approach

    Founded by GIA Graduate Diamond alumni, we know and understand diamonds. We offer a truly bespoke approach to your engagement ring. Unlike a typical jeweller, we do not keep stock of loose diamonds, we source the perfect stone to your specification. Our designs are fully customisable, from the prong type, to the setting of the main stone, to the smallest detail.
  • Excellent Service

    We make engagement ring design fun. Ever been inside a stuffy jewellers where you feel underdressed? Yes, we have too and this is why we started VFJ. We will guide and educate you on diamond selection and best setting for your ring. We will work tirelessly until you are happy with your final design and ring, check out our 5-star Google reviews.
  • Unique Diamonds

    We have an incredible network of diamond suppliers. We offer all diamond shapes, colours, cuts and sizes. If you are after a unique diamond cut, you are in the right place - our speciality is novelty cuts and antique diamonds that are hard to source. Looking for an investment diamond? We can source.
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Why choose a bespoke diamond engagement ring? We have 6 great reasons here!

We offer all diamond shapes. Whether a classic round brilliant or fancy, rare or novelty shapes including Lozenge, Kite, Octagon, Old European, Old Mine cut and Moval diamonds.

We offer both natural and lab-grown diamonds to our clients, always certified by GIA or IGI. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, identical to their natural counterparts, just made in a laboratory.

Unsure on which shape to go for - book a complimentary design meeting. Our handy diamond shape guide walks you through the most popular diamond shapes.

The design of a bespoke ring can be as simple or as complex as you wish, we are here to create that dream ring.

Our Bespoke Process

Our bespoke process ensures that every step is seamless and your ring is perfect.

Bespoke Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring Hong Kong by Valentina Fine Jewellery

Complimentary Consultation

During your initial consultation with our GIA Certified Diamond specialist we not only want to learn about your diamond cut, ring design and budgetary preferences, but we'll also provide you with a comprehensive diamond education.

For our Hong Kong based clients, we offer face to face meetings, and for our overseas clients we offer Virtual Video appointments.

We recommend speaking to our diamond specialist at least 4-6 weeks before you would like your finished ring though we have been known to accommodate a 1-2 week turnaround!

Diamond dealer Hong Kong. 3 carat diamonds for engagement ring by Valentina Fine Jewellery.  Round brilliant, Oval Cut, elongated radiant cut, emerald cut and pear shape diamond

Selecting Your Diamond

Whether you have your heart set on a round or an oval, or any other shape we want to ensure you explore everything before you land on the perfect fit.

We use our extensive network of diamond suppliers to create a curated assortment of diamonds just for you, ensuring you get a more beautiful diamond at the best possible price. Our recommendations are impartial allowing you to select the diamond you love.

We provide HD images, videos and certificates of the curated diamonds. As we buy direct from the cutters, often the diamonds are located overseas and we secure you a better deal. Should you wish to see the stone in advance, please advise us to limit our search to Hong Kong.

We only use GIA certified natural diamonds or IGI certified lab-grown diamonds. Whether motivated by environmental or budget factors, we proudly offer our clients the choice of both.

Hong Kong Best Engagement Rings by Valentina Fine Jewellery. HK wedding rings.

Engagement Ring Design

Your ring will be one of a kind, unlike store purchased mass produced rings. We work together with you to design your dream engagement ring down to the smallest detail. We provide you with a CAD (Computer Aided Design) of your ring design.

Once you are happy with the CAD, our designer then 3D prints the ring using wax so that we can show you videos and photos of what it will look like to scale and/or on the finger. Should you wish to see the wax prior to casting, we are happy to meet you to show this.

Only once the final design is approved by you will the casting, polishing and setting process begin by our master bench jeweller.

Emerald cut diamond engagement ring Hong Kong by Valentina Fine Jewellery. Diamond wedding ring specialist. Fine jewellery store HK

The Finished Ring

Our team oversee the making of every piece to ensure the highest quality of design, production and most importantly durability.

As perfectionists, we check progress every step of the way - from the raw metal casting, to the stone setting and the complimentary engraving.

Every piece is perfect before it leaves us.

We build a lasting relationship with our clients who come back to us for their wedding bands, eternity rings and birthday and anniversary gifts.

Worldwide fully insured delivery is always complimentary.

Have questions? Chat to us now or read our frequently asked questions.

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