Hong Kong Diamonds - A Complete Guide

Hong Kong has evolved to become a major diamond hub in the recent years. Tax-free diamond imports and exports are attracting buyers from Mainland China, USA, UK and Europe.

Are Diamonds in Hong Kong Better Value


High value items such as diamonds, gemstones or jewellery are very competitively priced. There is no VAT or sales tax, so what you see is what you pay. For larger rarer diamonds and gemstones, the saving can be huge.

Where To Buy Diamonds in Hong Kong

If you are shopping for an engagement ring diamond, Hong Kong has an abundance of jewellery shops, from high-end brands, local chains to small shops and wholesalers, so much so that it can be stressful and confusing trying to work out which is best.

Retail stores offer a wide selection of diamonds and diamond jewellery. With their large overheads and expensive Hong Kong rent, there is always a large price premium. Pushy selling practices in many local chain and small shop jewellery stores can be off-putting to a buyer. We have had multiple clients come to us and complain about experiences in other jewellery stores.

Retail staff are seldom trained in diamonds or gemology and this includes most high end stores. As such, staff can seldom explain in detail the difference between two diamonds that appear the same on certificate, and why one is better than the other and about individual diamond parametres that affect the diamond sparkle.

Wholesalers selling to the public look to offer good value diamonds on the surface, however when something is priced too good to be true, it usually is. Often the diamonds will be low quality, sub-par cut, bluffy with many inclusions and lacklustre, so what may seem like good value is actually not.

At Valentina Fine Jewellery we are GIA Diamond qualified and will guide you through selecting the best diamond for you and your engagement ring.

What About Buying a Diamond Online?

We often hear clients talking about James Allen or Blue Nile when looking to purchase an engagement ring diamond - two of the largest online diamond retail stores, with their primary market being USA but shipping worldwide. Both of these are aggregators of diamond inventory. Whilst they look to have a huge selection of diamonds in their stock, none of the diamonds are owned by them. They rely on suppliers to ship these diamonds once a client makes a purchase, they would seldom physically see any of the diamonds they sell or speak to the suppliers on the particulars of each stone.

Before deciding to make a purchase through one of these online jewellery retailers, consider the following. No two diamonds are identical, even if the certificate says they are. There are nuances that neither James Allen nor Blue Nile can point out given their click and buy system.

At Valentina Fine Jewellery, we REALLY look at each diamond in detail and we speak to the suppliers to find out all the detail before suggesting the diamond to you. For example in a D-Z range, a diamond may be over-graded i.e. graded a higher colour or clarity, it can also have a grey or brown tint and this is not noted on the report.

You may also struggle to get your engagement ring or jewellery resized locally in Hong Kong, as jewellers are weary of taking on risk of jewellery they did not make.

We offer full after sales care service to our clients including resizing, annual jewellery checking and repair service should you accidentally damage your jewellery, including polishing chipped stones. We standby our jewellery and our brand, and are proud of the pieces we create.

Sourcing Rare Diamonds

Whether you are looking for a beautiful engagement ring diamond for your loved one, a special diamond to set into a custom piece of jewellery or a rare investment-grade diamond to appreciate over the years, at Valentina Fine Jewellery we have the right industry contacts to help you source the perfect diamond for you.

We can help source colour diamonds in any colour, shape and size. Rare colour diamonds including pink, blue, green, orange and purple. We can source funky shape diamonds such as animal shapes, cloud, teddy bear and even Mickey Mouse. And we can also source antique diamonds, such as old mine cut, old European, antique cushion and moval cut diamonds.

Setting Your Diamond Into Jewellery

Should you wish to create an engagement ring or a beautiful piece of bespoke jewellery with your diamond, our Hong Kong master bench-jeweller has over 20 years experience in setting fine jewellery and we will design and craft your dream jewellery.

Our setting techniques focus on ensuring the diamond stands out and is the focus of your jewellery and our creativity, style and design techniques will ensure you love your custom made jewellery or engagement ring.

Contacts us to begin your diamond search today.