10 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet - Perfect Milestone Gift

Searching for the perfect milestone anniversary or a special birthday gift for your loved one? Our exceptional 10 carat tennis bracelet makes the ideal gift for that special occasion. 

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Tennis Bracelet History

Tennis bracelets became popular in the 1920s as ladies would wear these diamond bracelets to elaborate parties paired with beautiful dresses and other diamond jewellery, they were known as eternity bracelets back in the day. 

In 1978, a tennis pro named Chris Evert accidentally rebranded the eternity bracelet during a US Open to a tennis bracelet by wearing it to a tennis match and the bracelet falling off during the match. Chris  was wearing the diamond and gold bracelet and it broke and fell onto the court in an early round of the Open and they had to stop play while she looked for it.

Chris Evert diamond tennis bracelet, 10ct diamond tennis bracelet USA

Creator: Bob Thomas Credit: Bob Thomas/Getty Images


Tennis Bracelets Trends

Today, the tennis bracelet represents eternal love, and is a must have iconic piece of jewellery for any lady who loves diamonds. 

Many women today like to stack their various size tennis bracelets together with some plain gold cuff bracelets, creating a scintillating sparkle on the wrist. 

At Valentina Fine Jewellery, we offer many sizes of tennis bracelets from our classic tennis bracelet starting from 8 points per diamond to any size you need. Our most popular bracelet is the 10ct tennis bracelet. It is perfect for daily wear, special occasions and for stacking with your other bracelets. 

The jewellery trend this year, in USA in particular, is to wear both yellow and white gold stacked together, creating a fabulous contrast of colours. Another bracelet trend is a bezel set bracelet in yellow gold.

All of our tennis bracelets feature hand selected natural diamonds by a GIA Diamond expert. We understand the importance of selecting only the best diamonds for your jewellery, with excellent or very good cut only to ensure maximum diamond brilliance. 

Diamond tennis bracelet, classic tennis bracelet, 10carat tennis bracelet


Stacking Your Tennis Bracelet

Trends in 2024 say there are no limits to how you stack your tennis bracelets. Our customers love stacking multiple diamond tennis bracelets made in white gold or platinum together with gold bangles and gold bracelets and gemstone bracelets. 

Adding colour to your bracelet stack is in! Whether you are thinking of an blue sapphire bracelet, an emerald bracelet or a pink sapphire bracelet - adding colour to your stack sets off your diamond tennis bracelet in the best way possible.

Diamond tennis bracelet stack, 10 carat tennis bracelet, sapphire tennis bracelet

We have also seen an increased demand in 2023 and 2024 fro out clients to set their tennis bracelets in solid yellow gold bezel setting. It gives a rich colour and really accentuates each diamond individually.

Whatever your style, we have the perfect tennis bracelet option for you - gemstones, diamonds and diamonds in a bezel setting.


Tennis Bracelet on a Budget

If you want the big bling on a smaller budget, we suggest opting for a tennis bracelet with a cupcake setting or going with lab grown diamonds. The cupcake tennis bracelet wraps the diamonds in a very thin metal setting like a cupcake wrapper and provides elevation to the diamonds contained in the bracelet. This setting makes smaller diamonds pop, face up larger and seriously sparkle. Contact us at Valentina Fine Jewellery to request a quote for a cupcake diamond bracelet or to enquire about lab grown diamond tennis bracelet!

cupcake setting tennis bracelet, diamond tennis bracelet on a budget USA

Our Diamonds

Our bracelets are made with colourless E/F/G colour diamonds and VS clarity, we do not use H/I colour or SI included diamonds as we find they do not delivery the same brilliance.

We hand craft our bracelets in 18k gold of your choice - yellow, rose and white gold with a secure clasp to ensure your bracelet unlike Chris Evert's does not fall off.

Shop today or contact us to request a bespoke diamond size bracelet if you do not see the one you require.



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