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Diamond world can be confusing, full of terminology and confusing terms. Finding the right diamond for an engagement ring can be stressful and overwhelming. At Valentina Fine Jewellery, we want to answer your questions on diamonds and how to select the best diamond for you.

  • Perfectly cut diamond engagement ring Hong Kong USA free shipping worldwide

    Diamond 4Cs - Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat

    The best way to start your diamond journey is to understand the 4Cs - carat, colour, clarity and cut.

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  • Lab grown diamond engagement rings and fine jewellery. Certified lab grown diamonds. Bespoke diamond engagement rings Hong Kong

    What are lab-grown diamonds?

    It may come as a surprise, but a lab grown diamond is simply…a diamond. Both mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds consist entirely of carbon.

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  • Diamond fluorescence explained, how to save money on engagement rings, how to get a bigger carat diamond for less money Hong Kong

    Diamond Fluorescence Explained

    Fluorescence is a naturally occurring property in some diamonds and refers to a diamond's tendency to emit a glow when subjected to ultraviolet light. 

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  • Fine jewellery, diamond rings, engagement ring HK by Valentina Fine Jewellery. Emerald cut diamond ring, Radiant cut engagement ring

    Choosing the Perfect Diamond Shape

    Selecting the perfect diamond shape for your engagement ring is a deeply personal choice.

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  • Antique diamonds, Old Mine Cut, Old European Cut, Peruzzi Cut, Moval diamonds Hong Kong

    Antique Diamonds for Engagement Rings

    Millions of diamonds are mined and cut annually, however only a limited amount of true antique diamonds remain today. 

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Whether you're planning an epic proposal, confused about diamond cut options, colours, clarities, you're in the right place.

Selecting the right engagement ring can be confusing in a world full of options. From knowing which hand the engagement ring is worn on, to the different diamond shapes, we are here to guide you through the process.

  • America engagement ring style trends USA Hong Kong curved engagement rings celebrity rings

    Engagement Ring Style Trends in America for 2024

    In 2024, there is one rule - there are no rules. The world of engagement rings continues to evolve, offering an array of stunning styles that reflect individual tastes and emerging trends.

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  • Bezel set diamond engagement rings, full bezel, half bezel, bespoke engagement ring design Hong Kong USA Australia New Zealand

    On Trend: Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Rings

    This 2024 engagement ring trend is here to stay - it's both classic and cutting edge. Full bezel or half bezel, the choice is yours.

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  • Diamond wedding rings, diamond wedding bands, diamond ring, diamond engagement ring Hong Kong

    Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring - What's The Difference?View

    Typically, there are two events for a couple that involve jewellery - an engagement followed by a wedding.

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  • Oval diamond engagement ring and round brilliant diamond eternity ring. Wedding rings and bridal fine jewellery HK by Valentina Fine Jewellery

    How to Save Money on an Engagement Ring

    Buying an engagement ring is one of the most important purchases a couple makes involving a large financial outlay.

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  • Emerald cut engagement rings

    Pinnacle of Elegance: Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

    Emerald cut diamond engagement rings have been growing in popularity in the last few years, with celebrities rocking this shape.

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  • Designer lab grown diamond engagement rings at Valentina Fine Jewellery Hong Kong USA Australia New Zealand

    Designer Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

    Designer lab grown diamond engagement rings without environmental impact or sacrifice on carat, clarity and colour.

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  • Diamond hidden halo engagement ring Hong Kong

    Hidden Halo: An Engagement Ring With a Secret Wow

    A detail we absolutely love at Valentina Fine Jewellery is the hidden halo on an engagement ring. 

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  • Diamond ring with halo vs no halo. How to make your engagement ring look bigger. How to save money on engagement ring Hong Kong

    Ways to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

    When designing a ring, there are ways to make your engagement ring appear bigger without going up in carat size. 

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  • Diamond enaggement rings - 5ct Radiant cut diamond ring, 5.50ct Fancy Yellow Diamond ring, old european cut diamond cluster ring

    Engagement Rings - Pricing

    How is my custom engagement ring priced and what factors affect the overall cost?

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  • 3 carat diamond engagement ring on hand. What does a 3ct diamond ring look like on hand? Engagement rings Hong Kong by Valentina Fine Jewellery

    The Enchanting Charm of a 3 Carat Engagement Ring

    Throughout history, the number 3 has held significant symbolism and a sense of harmony and may just be the perfect carat size for an engagement ring.

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  • Custom bespoke diamond engagement rings, created just for you, Hong Kong and USA, shipping worldwide. GIA certified diamonds

    Why Choose a Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring

    She will wear the engagement ring until you grow old together and then pass it onto your children, why not make it special.

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  • Classic Engagement Ring Styles that never go out of style, from a diamond solitaire ring, to a three stone diamond ring, to a ring with a diamond halo, to a vintage or antique diamond engagement ring. USA and Hong Kong and UK

    Classic Engagement Rings That Continue To Be Popular

    There are four engagement ring styles that have never gone out of style and are a classic choice.

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  • Simple diamond engagement ring, diamond solitaire ring, wedding ring, proposal ring Hong Kong USA UK Australia New Zealand Taiwan Singapore

    Minimalist Modern Engagement Rings

    An understated simple modern engagement ring design can prove just as striking with the focus firmly on the beautiful diamond selected.

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  • Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring FAST!

    Need a custom diamond engagement ring fast in 5 days or less? At Valentina Fine Jewellery, we pride ourselves in being able to create your dream ring super fast!

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We love designing unique bespoke pieces of fine jewellery, with diamonds and gemstones.

  • Diamond Snake Ring, Bamboo Pit Viper of Hong Kong, by Valentina Fine Jewellery

    Diamond Snake Ring - Our Diamond Encrusted Bamboo Pit Viper

    In 2022, we designed our very own diamond snake ring in solid 18k white gold inspired by the Hong Kong's Bamboo Pit Viper.

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  • Diamond tennis bracelet 10ct, USA

    10 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet - Perfect Milestone Gift

    Our exceptional 10 carat diamond tennis bracelet makes the ideal gift for that special milestone birthday or anniversary. 

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  • Eternity Rings: Everything You Need to Know

    Eternity rings - their history, types and styles of eternity rings and how to wear them today!

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Coloured stones make the perfect Christmas, Valentine's Day, Anniversary and birthday gift. At Valentina Fine Jewellery, we love Emeralds, Aquamarines, Sapphire, Ruby, Jadeite and more.

  • Jadeite bespoke engagement ring Hong Kong, Imperial Jade, bespoke Fei Cui and diamond jewellery by Valentina Fine Jewellery

    Jadeite: The Beloved Gem of Hong Kong, China and Asia

    Jadeite, is not merely a rare gemstone, it is a spiritual stone with significant cultural and symbolic meaning in Chinese culture.

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  • Colombian Emerald Rings, Muzo and Chivor Mines, Diamond and emerald ring Hong Kong USA UK

    The Extraordinary Beauty of Colombian Emerald Rings

    Step into a world of mesmerising beauty and unparalleled elegance of Colombian emeralds, one of the finest gems in the world.

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  • Padparadscha Sapphires in Fine Jewellery and Engagement Rings

    Padparadscha Sapphires are strikingly beautiful, rare and enchanting yet are still relatively unknown to most people.

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We want to make sure you know how to take care of your beautiful jewellery. Understanding how to keep your engagement ring clean is a must! You've got this incredible diamond, and if it's not taken care of it simply will look dull.

Taking care of gemstone jewellery is very different. We do not recommend you use any ultrasonic cleaning machines on your gemstones. These are much softer than diamonds and require a little more care.

  • How to keep your diamond jewellery and engagement rings clean HK

    How To Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

    So you own a beautiful engagement ring, how to take care of it and look after it?

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  • Colombian emerald and diamond cocktail ring, Hong Kong USA UK Free Shipping by Valentina Fine Jewellery

    How to Clean Gemstone Jewellery

    Gemstones are softer than a diamond and rank lower on the Mohs scale and are more vulnerable during the cleaning process.

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Have you just moved to Hong Kong with your family for work or are you looking for weekend activities with you kids? Planning a Hong Kong wedding? Here is our inside scoop!

  • Hong Kong jewellery shops and stores, where to buy jewellery in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong Jewellery Shops

    Hong Kong has an abundance of jewellery stores, from high-end brands, local jewellery chain stores to small shops and wholesalers.

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  • Things to do with kids in Hong Kong, Disney. Disneyland HK. Jewellery by Valentina Fine Jewellery

    Kids in Hong Kong - Things To Do & Events

    Have you recently moved to Hong Kong with little ones or unsure what to do on the weekend with your children?

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    Best Gift For a New Mum

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