Diamond Snake Ring - Our Diamond Encrusted Bamboo Pit Viper of Hong Kong

In 2022, we designed and created our very own diamond snake ring in solid 18k white gold. Here, we want to talk about our inspiration for this chunky solid gold diamond encrusted serpent ring and it's design. 

Diamond encrusted solid gold chunky snake ring, Bamboo Pit Viper Hong Kong by Valentina Fine Jewellery


Our diamond encrusted Bamboo Pit Viper Snake Ring has also recently featured in Tatler Asia, under Editor's Pick, alongside Chanel, Chaumet and Graff fine jewellery pieces. At Valentina Fine Jewellery, we are immensely proud of this achievement and wanted to share the history and providence of this ring.

Valentina Fine Jewellery diamond snake ring as seen in Tatler Hong Kong

Valentina Fine Jewellery diamond snake ring as seen in Tatler Hong Kong, Bamboo Pit Viper Snake

We are a Hong Kong based fine jewellery brand, living, creating, designing and making our bespoke fine jewellery right here in Hong Kong with a small family-owned bench jeweller with over 20 years of experience.

Anastasia, our founder loves wildlife and animals in general and in her free time loves to go herping. Hong Kong has a wide variety of snakes, venomous and non-venomous, from pythons to redneck keelbacks and kraits. The most commonly seen snake in Hong Kong however is a Bamboo Pit Viper. This snake is iconic to Hong Kong and we just love its arrow-shaped head.

Snake diamond ring, bamboo pit viper ring Hong Kong

Anastasia wanted to design a diamond snake ring, but rather than a generic snake outline she wanted to model it on the Hong Kong's Bamboo Pit Viper with its unique shaped head and incredible curves when in situ, to pay homage to our location - Hong Kong.

Snake diamond ring solid white gold, bamboo pit viper

It took the team over 3 months to design and CAD the perfect snake shape, to mimic the curves, the head shape and the skin of the Bamboo Pit Viper. We focused on every detail, no matter how small, such as mouth shape, eye shape, thin tail and the pits of the pit viper. 

We started with a basic ring outline first, to ensure we got the body shape and curves right. The Bamboo Pit Viper is an ambush predator, and it typically sits low down near the ground in the same position and waits for prey to go by, usually with beautiful body curves in this position. 

Next step was to make the body more 3D and chunky. We wanted a heavy solid 18k gold ring and not a hollowed out ring. Then we began working on the detail, adding texture to the skin, diamonds and all the head and face detail. We decided to leave the head without diamonds as the scales on the pit vipers head are much smaller, so instead we added some texture on the head. It just felt right.  

Solid gold snake ring with diamonds Valentina Fine Jewellery

And here is the final CAD of our diamond snake ring modelled on the bamboo pit viper of Hong Kong, the ring would also look sensational in 18k yellow gold and encrusted with emeralds. 

Diamond snake ring, Bamboo Pit Viper Hong Kong, white lipped pit viper

Our diamond snake ring is available to order in our online store here. Should you wish to customise the ring in any way, for example add gemstones instead of diamonds or add diamond or gemstone eyes, please contact our team and we will be happy to make your dream version just for you.

We would like to add a special thank you to Adam Francis of Hong Kong Snake ID for allowing us the use of his images on this blog.

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