Pinnacle of Elegance: Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings have been growing in popularity in the last few years, with celebrities rocking this shape; Beyonce with an 18ct flawless emerald cut and Amal Clooney with a 7ct emerald cut flanked by two tapered baguettes. For women who appreciate clean lines, modern design and simplicity, an emerald cut engagement ring is the perfect choice. 

Women all over the world admire the clean look of emerald cut diamonds. Typically, these sophisticated diamonds have 57 facets.

While this cut is not as brilliant as round or pear or oval shape, the flat surface of the diamond’s top highlights the clarity that makes this cut sparkle and shine. The sparkle of an emerald cut is not the same as brilliantly cut diamonds, but is similar to a hall of mirrors reflection effect. 

When looking at an emerald cut diamond from above, the sides look similar to steps, which is why this shape is called a step cut. Although this diamond cut is thought to be modern given it is trending now, it actually traces back hundreds of years.

At Valentina Fine Jewellery, we love the clean lines and the beautiful hall of mirrors effect of emerald cut diamonds.

Emerald Cut Diamond History

Emerald cut stylistic origins trace back to the table cut of the 1500s. Stonecutters initially created this shape for emeralds. The emerald cut became popular as it reduced the pressure during the cutting process and therefore prevented chips in the gems, still a very popular cut for emeralds. Diamond cutters noticed this new shape and soon after began to incorporate it into diamonds.

During the art deco era, the term "emerald cut" began to surface and since then the shape has been growing in popularity.

 Emerald cut diamond, beautiful step cut diamond for an engagement ring

Shopping for an Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

When hunting for that perfect emerald cut engagement ring for your other half, remember that this shape does not hide inclusions at all unless they are positioned on the corner. Only high clarity diamonds should be used to create an emerald cut engagement ring. The clean step cut means that inclusions are more visible. The best emerald cut engagement rings boast an eye clean clarity grade because their long, open facets don't conceal imperfections. 

At Valentina Fine Jewellery, we suggest going with a VS2 clarity or above. Last thing you want is imperfections showing up in the middle of your diamond stopping that beautiful hall of mirrors effect. 

The diamond colour on the emerald cut that can be lowered to I/J (or warmer depending on gold colour setting), emerald cut diamonds tend to hide colour well in well cut stones. 

Cut is another important parameter of emerald cut diamonds, you should look for excellent or very good symmetry and polish. If the stone is not symmetrical or has poor polish, the facets will not reflect light as well. Diamond depth which is too shallow or too deep will create black shadows in your stone, making it dull and lifeless. We are experts in finding you the most beautiful stone for your budget.


Emerald Cut Ring Styles

An emerald cut diamond is very versatile in terms of style and setting, and can be set many ways depending on your personal style and preference. 


Beautiful simple elegant solitaire works great with an emerald cut. The shape is elegant and elongated, very flattering on the fingers. Simple band or diamond pave´, the choice is yours.

If you love yellow or rose gold, we suggest setting the main stone in platinum and having the band in gold. The platinum will ensure the diamond does not reflect the colour of the gold band - visually lowering your colour grade. 

Solitaire emerald cut engagement ring

Three Stone Ring:

Emerald cut can be set with a variety of shapes, tapered baguettes and trapezoids are one of the more popular settings. Three stone emerald rings are most elegant and are a popular choice across the UK and USA.

Emerald cut engagement ring with tapered baguettes Hong Kong USA UK Australia

Emerald cut diamonds also make great side stones, giving the ring an art deco feel. For those who like to mix shapes and cutting styles, pear and round diamonds make the ring interesting with the brilliant cut mixed in with the step cut.

Emerald cut engagement ring with emerald cut diamond side stones

The side stones possibilities are endless, from classic styles to heart shape diamonds, lozenges and more.

Diamond Halo:

A diamond halo can enhance the visual size of your emerald cut diamond. Round diamonds or a mix of baguettes and rounds in the halo look great.

The centre diamond tends to face up much larger with a diamond centre around, so if you're on a budget and you would love a big look - a diamond halo is a great option. The diamond halo also protects the centre diamond making your ring more durable (yes, we've seen broken diamonds more than once!).

Emerald cut engagement ring with a diamond halo

Gemstone Side Stones:

Adding a bit of colour to your emerald cut diamond can create a stunning and unique ring. Sapphires and rubies make excellent side stones, their hardness and durability is a perfect match for a diamond engagement ring.

At Valentina Fine Jewellery we can find or cut perfect gemstones to accompany your centre diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds. Adding colour to engagement rings is gaining popularity. Emerald cut diamonds also make fantastic side stones should you choose a gemstone centre for your ring.

Emerald cut diamond engagement ring with blue sapphire side stones in rose golf

Choosing Your Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald cut diamonds vary in how rectangular they are, depending on their length-to-width ratio, some are longer and some are wider. There are also antique cut and antique emerald cut diamonds, we can source these for you. Depending on your preference, we find the perfect diamond for you. Contact us today to arrange your complimentary engagement ring consultation.

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