Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring - What's The Difference?

Purchasing jewellery can be confusing, as can be all the terms associated with it. Let's explore the difference between engagement rings and wedding rings, what hand the rings are worn on and how to wear them together. 

Typically, there are two events for a couple that involve jewellery - an engagement followed by a wedding, and traditionally both of these events are signified by a piece of jewellery.


Engagement Ring

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An engagement ring is usually, but not always, a diamond ring with a dominant centre diamond, this could be a solitaire, a trilogy, it could have a diamond halo and it can also have diamonds on the band. 

This ring is typically given during a proposal to ask a loved one to marry you. 

Budget-wise, this is where most couples tend to focus their budget on. There are of course many options such a gold colour or platinum, design and natural diamonds or lab-grown diamonds. We talk about the difference and advantages of both of these diamonds in our lab-grown diamond blog


Wedding Ring

Wedding ring, wedding rings, wedding bands, eternity rings, diamond eternity rings, diamond wedding bands, gold wedding ring

Wedding rings are exchanged during the wedding vows ceremony. Both bride and groom will give each other respective wedding rings, also known as wedding bands. During the "I do" part, each party makes a promise to the other and places a ring on their loved one's finger. 

There are many different styles of wedding rings, from plain gold bands, to mixed metal bands - platinum and gold for example, to diamond encrusted bands - these are also known as eternity rings.

The wedding ring is then typically stacked together with the engagement ring, so it's important to consider how you want this combination to look when worn. 

If you like the idea of both rings being stacked close together, then advise your jeweller on this to ensure your ring setting will allow this. At Valentina Fine Jewellery, we create our diamond engagement rings to be stacked close together with the wedding ring without a gap, however other jewellery stores often will sell rings that will stack with a gap between the wedding ring and the engagement ring. Shop our modern engagement rings here.


How to Wear Your Engagement and Wedding Ring

How to stack your engagement ring and your wedding ring, diamond rings, wedding bands, eternity ring with diamonds

For those opting to wear both rings, typically you wear both your engagement and wedding ring together on the fourth finger of your left hand - the left ring finger.

Most countries follow the left hand wearing. There are a few countries that wear their wedding rings on the right ring finger - Hungary, Greece, Russia, Belgium, Portugal, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Austria, Poland, Spain, Denmark, Cuba, Norway, Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela amongst others. 

When wearing both your wedding and your engagement ring, you normally wear you wedding ring inside the engagement ring, so that it's closer to your heart. That being said, many brides these day are choosing to the break tradition and wear the rings on the other hand or the other fingers, especially those with elaborate ring designs that cannot be easily stacked together.

There is no right or wrong way to wear your beautiful jewellery, its your love story and your choice.


Do You Need Both Engagement and Wedding Rings?

Ultimately, no. It's entirely up to you how you wish to wear your jewellery. Some couples opt for a larger eternity ring with diamonds all around instead of a diamond engagement ring. Other couples prefer to have their diamond engagement ring worn solo, or they may wear the two rings on different fingers or even hands. It is entirely up to you how you wear your rings. 

We would love to help design and create the perfect engagement ring and wedding rings for you. Our complimentary design consultation is just that - an informal chat about your style, your design ideas and how we can help guide you through the process. Contact us today for a coffee or a call, you won't regret it. 

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