Hidden Halo: An Engagement Ring With a Secret Wow

A detail we absolutely love at Valentina Fine Jewellery is the hidden halo on an engagement ring. 

Designing a ring destined to last a lifetime necessitates an unwavering commitment to not only finding and selecting the perfect diamond but to designing a setting that will compliment that diamond perfectly. Although the initial decision of picking the right diamond cut and the perfect diamond hold significant sway, the allure of an engagement ring often lies within its subtle intricacies and details. 

What is a hidden halo? A sparkling halo of pavé diamonds that sit just beneath the stone, often at a slight angle. When viewed from the top, the ring looks just like a classic solitaire with the diamond taking centre stage, but from the side, this hidden detail dials up the wow factor with extra sparkle from other angles.

Diamond engagement ring hidden halo detail

Our hidden halo engagement rings can be created with any diamond shape and with both Gold and Platinum bands.

For even more sparkle, you can also add pavé detail on the ring. Still a classic feel but with even more wow and sparkle. 

Diamond pave and hidden halo on engagement ring

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