Best Gift For a New Mum

Coco Alexander Diaper Bags - Perfect Bag for Stylish Mums

Do you have a friend who recently had a baby and unsure what to buy them? Cuddly toys and flowers are great but, we have something much better in mind!

We absolutely love the Coco Alexander diaper bags. Have you tried searching for a diaper bag online and finding anything remotely stylish? We find backpacks, small overly-patterned clip on bags and oversized bulky shoulder bags. Imagine taking your little treasure to a lovely restaurant with one of these bags... no, we can't either. 

Now, imagine a bag, so stylish and sleek, that everyone sees it and thinks its an amazing high-end handbag? In comes Coco Alexander! Their compact yet mighty diaper bags often get mistaken for expensive handbags and we can see why. 

Coco Alexander use incredibly soft yet durable vegan leather with a beautiful quilted pattern in black or neutral, and you can add a selection of straps and chains to ensure your diaper bag matches your outfit for the day. 

Now lets talk about convenience. Surely a bag this small and stylish can't hold what you need? Wrong! Pockets for wet wipes, nappies, a little outfit change and more - all easy to find with the net design. 

With a soft padded centre and a detachable and washable inner, your baby will be changed in comfort, and accidents are covered. 

Want to get this beautiful bag personalised? No problem, Coco Alexander can add your required initials in beautiful stylish calligraphy font and gold leaf. 

We cannot speak highly enough of this amazing bag, we only wish we knew about it earlier. Its the perfect mix of luxury, style and comfort for mum and baby.

And did you know, Coco Alexander also sells small mini-bags, perfect for a coffee in the city, lunch with a friend and a little festival outing. 

Whilst Coco Alexander is located in Hong Kong, they offer worldwide shipping. 

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