How To Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

So you own a beautiful engagement ring, how to take care of it and look after it?

Get Your Ring Insured

We cannot stress this enough - insure your ring! Most of the time jewellery insurance comes under home and contents insurance. All you need is your invoice from us to provide all the required details to your insurer.

Whilst we do not offer insurance, for our Hong Kong clients we highly recommend Azure Risk, a provider we personally use. Always ensure you read all the terms and conditions in detail so all your usual activities are covered. 

Keep It Clean

Diamonds are known to attract grease and dirt, from washing hands, to lotions to cooking. We recommend cleaning your diamond ring with a soft toothbrush, dishwasher soap and warm water. Don't forget to close the plug hole before you begin.

How often you clean your ring depends how dirty it gets.

Why spend all this money on a diamond ring if it doesn't sparkle?

Engagement Ring cleaning

Remove Your Ring Before Certain Activities

We recommend you remove your ring before any strenuous activities such as going to the gym or going hiking. If you are cleaning your home and using chemicals we also recommend you remove it beforehand as the chemicals can damage the setting. We do not recommend you sleep or shower in your jewellery, the product will build up inside the setting and make the diamond lose sparkle. 

Check Prongs and Setting

At Valentina Fine Jewellery, we recommend you get your jewellery professionally checked once a year for any loose prongs and wear and tear which can affect your ring.

How to check this at home?

Hold the ring up by your ear and gently shake the ring. If any stones are loose, you will hear the stone rattle. Run your fingertip across the top of the prongs, do any feel sharp or different to the rest?  If you notice any of these or loose diamonds, call your local jeweller or contact us if you purchased from us.

Keep Jewellery Safe

Always store your jewellery in a safe place, whether at home or at a hotel. We recommend using a safe in your hotel room and a jewellery dish at home so it doesn't get lost. 

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