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"Diamonds without compromise"

How Lab Grown Diamonds Are Made

Lab diamonds are made in controlled laboratory environment using the most advanced technologies that replicate the growing conditions of natural mined diamonds or those produced by the earth.

Lab grown diamonds have the same optical and chemical properties as mined diamonds. The sparkle is the exact same. The only difference is their origin, and the price. Below, is the CVD lab grown diamond rough.

CVD lab grown diamond rough, engagement rings Hong Kong

Do Lab Grown Diamonds Test as Real Diamonds?

Yes, lab grown diamonds will test positive on a diamond tester. Although grown by scientists in a lab instead of in the earth's crust, lab diamonds are absolutely real diamonds, they are not Moissanite or diamond stimulants. 

Expert gemologists cannot tell the difference between lab grown and natural diamonds with the naked eye. A lab diamond can only be distinguished from mined diamonds using specialised equipment that can detect the minor differences in trace elements and crystal growth.


Do Lab Diamonds Have Value?

Just like natural earth mined diamonds, their market value will vary over time. Since lab diamonds are a more recent introduction to the market, there is more uncertainty on future pricing when compared to natural diamonds. 

We value your ability to choose what matters the most to you. When it comes to your diamond engagement ring, we encourage you to select the diamond that makes the most sense for your budget and preferences.

We will always provide exceptional quality engagement rings and diamonds, regardless of whether that stone is grown in a lab or naturally mined. 


No Compromises

Get the diamond jewellery you’ve always desired without sacrificing on quality or size. Every girl dreams of that perfect diamond engagement ring. With lab grown diamonds there is no need to sacrifice size, colour or clarity.

We only select the best lab grown diamonds available in the market, here is an example of our diamond on the left vs low quality cheap diamonds from online retailers on the right with no face:

High quality lab grown diamonds with Valentina Fine Jewellery vs James Allen or cheap online aggregate sites on the right

If you don't want to sacrifice carat weight, colour and clarity, and prefer a larger centre diamond, a lab grown diamond engagement ring may be for you.


Lower Environmental Impact

On an annual basis, more than 150 million carats of diamonds are extracted from the earth through mining. Whilst we absolutely love natural mined diamonds, we are acutely aware that excessive diamond mining has had devastating effects by leaving behind enormous craters.

Digging creates huge gaps in the earth’s surface, many of these diamond mines generate pollution that contaminates the nearby soil or bodies of water. Jwaneng mine in Botswana, Africa - crater below shows the size and the impact of natural diamond mining. 

Jwaneng - natural diamond mining environmental impact vs lab grown diamonds, diamond engagement rings

Lab grown diamonds require a lot of electricity to grow, they are not entirely green either, however they are much more environmentally friendly than their natural counterparts. On average, lab grown diamonds produce less air pollution than mined diamonds. 

Producing diamonds in a lab is far less damaging to wildlife, ecosystems and the human population than mined diamonds. The Kimberly Process regulates the trade of natural rough diamonds, preventing the flow of conflict diamonds into the industry, a problem which does not exist in lab grown diamonds. 


Unsurpassed Quality Lab Diamonds

Experience the top 1% of lab grown diamonds with us. We hand select the best diamonds for our clients, the best colour, clarity and cut. Same way we only pick the best natural diamonds to show our clients, we also do the same for lab grown diamonds.

There are many lab grown diamond sellers out there that sell sub par grey or brown tinted diamonds badly cut. We ensure only the best stones reach our clients. 

We can also cut the perfect diamond for you if you have an unusual or antique shape in mind which is hard to find in a natural diamond.


Can You Insure Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings?

Yes, just like a mined diamond, lab diamond rings can be insured. We recommend Azure Risk in Hong Kong for jewellery and engagement rings.


Bespoke Engagement Rings with Valentina Fine Jewellery 

If a beautiful lab grown diamond is for you, let us help you create a fabulous designer engagement ring with your chosen lab grown diamond without sacrificing ring quality.

We can create an intricate or a complex bespoke diamond engagement ring of your choice and design, it all starts with a diamond and a complimentary consultation in person, on facetime or via a telephone call. 

Fill out our bespoke engagement ring form today to begin your designer lab diamond engagement ring journey. 

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