Why Choose a Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring

6 Reasons to Get a Bespoke Engagement Ring

Asking a loved one to marry you has to be one of the most stressful and nerve-wracking experiences in life. The ring you choose - is for life and you've got to get that WOW factor! 

There are so many different rings and styles out there and it is hard to choose the perfect one or find the perfect combination of all the important factors. A trip to a jewellery store can provide a lot of options, diamond shapes, design styles and metal colours, though rarely has the perfect ring if you are detail oriented. If you really want to add a personal touch to your engagement, there is no doubt a bespoke engagement ring is the perfect option. 

Here are 6 reasons why we at Valentina Fine Jewellery believe you should create a bespoke engagement ring for your loved one.


1. Bespoke Engagement Ring Process is Simpler Than You Think

Wether you are Hong Kong based or overseas, our process is the same, the only difference is we use FaceTime, WhatsApp and HD videos to send you stone options and progress updates. Throughout the process, we try to make the bespoke engagement ring creating experience fun and exciting.

During our complimentary consultation (in person or over FaceTime) we chat diamond shapes, ring designs, your partner's style and of course budget. You may or may not know the style and the diamond shape your partner is keen on, if not, we can help gently guide you with options.

We search worldwide for the best diamond for your style, priorities and budget. Wether you prefer the largest carat or the top clarity, our search focuses on your specific requirements. And if you are Hong Kong based and wish to see the diamond in person before deciding, we will limit the search to our trusted local suppliers only so that you can see your diamond before saying yes. 

Oval cut diamonds for bespoke engagement ring HK by Valentina Fine Jewellery

The hardest part is choosing just one diamond and one ring design. If you are struggling to decide between a couple of different styles, we can CAD (computer aided design) a few until we perfect the one. 

Once we agree the CAD design, the next step is we 3D print your engagement ring to scale in wax. This is where we check it over and show you to ensure the style is perfect. Once we agree the CAD, we cast the metal, set the diamond(s), polish and engrave the ring, should you wish to add a personal message. 

We take care of all the details and we check the ring at every stage, so you can be assured the ring will be perfect. 


2. Save Time Searching for The Perfect Diamond Ring

If you have your heart set on a particular diamond shape, size, colour and clarity and design, you will quickly notice most stores will have something that resembles what you're after to around 70%, but it's normally not a perfect match. What stores don't typically offer is different styles of settings, prongs, variations of the same diamond in different colours and clarities, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Most store sales people are not trained in Diamonds or Gemology, and therefore cannot explain in detail how different parametres help to reflect the light within a diamond perfectly and what to look for in certain diamond shapes. 

It is particularly hard to find the perfect gemstone engament ring. Emerald and sapphire engagement rings have been gaining in popularity, with prices soaring. Let us find the perfect gemstone for your budget and create the ring of her dreams!

Green Colombian Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring by Valentina Fine Jewellery Hong Kong USA

At Valentina Fine Jewellery, as a bespoke jewellery designer, we design and create your perfect engagement ring from scratch, from finding your perfect size, colour and clarity diamond or gemstone to helping you decide the setting, the ring style and everything down to the smallest detail.  


3. Custom Engagement Ring Does Not Mean More Expensive Price

Many people assume custom fine jewellery means a higher price tag. In fact it usually means the opposite, and you get a personalised service and the perfect product. As small jewellery designers, we always want to ensure our clients get exceptional service, product and value. 

The main factor of your engagement ring is the diamond itself. Small bespoke jewellers like Valentina Fine Jewellery will always get you a better value diamond for a lesser price of equal or higher quality than most high street stores, including the big luxury brands. Big brands are all marketing.

Most stores are paying huge rents, sales-people salaries and overheads, especially in Hong Kong. At Valentina Fine Jewellery, we are by appointment only. We do not have a fancy store, we just deliver the best product to our clients at very competitive prices.

If in doubt, check out a store ring, send us the exact details of the ring you love and we can almost certainly guarantee we can improve on the price, size and quality quoted. 

Our clients come back to us for their special occasions as we take the stress out of jewellery shopping and our Google Reviews speak for themselves. 


4. Customise Your Engagement Ring as Much as You Like

Always dreamed of some colour gemstones as accents to your diamond or a unique band for the diamond to sit on? We have created multiple rings with custom cut sapphires and rubies flanking diamonds. Our expertise and gem cutting skills will make you engagement ring stand out across a busy room with a wow factor like no other.

Finding the perfect engagement ring featuring diamonds and gemstones in a store is almost impossible, thats why we suggest creating a one off engagement ring just for you.

Bespoke Sapphire and Emerald Cut Diamond engagement ring in 18k gold by Valentina Fine Jewellery and Black Diamonds Curved Oval Engagement ring

Everything, and we mean everything, is fully customisable. The prongs, the setting, the design, the band height and width, the metal colour and the diamonds themselves. The current trend in America for example right now is heavy yellow gold metal around the centre diamond and a chunky ring, however on the more classic side, our clients still love the thin band which is our classic engagement ring setting, either in plain 18k gold or with micropave diamonds.

Your engagement ring will be everything you ever dreamed of, with a personal complimentary engraving as you desire. 

爱 Mahal Kita Bespoke Engagement Ring Hong Kong by Valentina Fine Jewellery


5. Your Engagement Ring Will Be One Of A Kind

Imagine having a ring that no one else has in the whole world - a truly unique gift to your loved one. Currently curved engagement rings are trending and it's best to design the wedding ring at the same time as your engagement ring for something truly unique and for it to fit perfectly together to your exact design.

Curved diamond engagement ring and wedding ring with Oval cut diamond by Valentina Fine Jewellery Hong Kong

Unsure what your other half wants? Propose with a promise ring and lets design that one of a kind ring together with your loved one. What could be more fun than a collaboration of the two of you working on a special engagement ring together. 

Today, we are seeing more and more couples design their ring together. It makes the process more fun, you can bounce ideas off each other and she can truly create the ring she will adore. 


6. Shows a Level Of Love And Commitment to Your Loved One

Anyone can walk into a store and purchase an engagement ring, there is little romance in doing so. 

What better way to show your love and commitment than an engagement ring you designed from scratch for your loved one. Your love story is an unique as you are. Why shouldn't your ring be as unique as your love?


Final Thoughts

If all the above sound like things you have been searching for in an engagement ring, then a bespoke ring is definitely for you. 

Our diamond consultation is always complimentary, no obligation to buy, what do you have to lose? We are confident though, that you will love our bespoke engagement ring process, our dedicated one on one service and the beautiful finished engagement ring.

The journey to your perfect engagement ring starts now. Fill out our short bespoke ring questionnaire and we will be in touch within 24 hours. 

Of course, if you are in a rush, shop our ready to ship engagement rings here!

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