Minimalist Modern Engagement Rings

An engagement ring should reflect the personal style of the bride to be - it's a piece of jewellery she will wear for the rest of her life. While side stones and ornate ring embellishments make for beautiful engagement rings, an understated simple modern design can prove just as striking with the focus firmly on the beautiful diamond selected. For women who define their style as modern, minimalistic engagement rings are a great choice.

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While all of our engagement rings are completely customisable, we've rounded up our three favourite minimalistic designs to get you started. Beautiful solitaire diamond rings that stand out against delicate thin bands with all the focus on the diamond are simply unbeatable.


Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

With our classic diamond solitaire setting, we use a fine 1.9mm band with platinum prongs to enhance the diamond's brilliance and to ensure the focus is firmly on the diamond.

Our fine gold or platinum band is the perfect balance between structural strength and visual beauty, ensuring the ring is sturdy enough for daily wear. 

Our engagement rings are available in 18K White, Yellow or Rose gold or Platinum. For our minimalist rings we use the pointy single prongs, however if you prefer round or double prongs, we can customise these to your preference. 

Solitaire pear shape and oval shape diamond engagement ring. Diamond engagement ring USA Hong Kong, wedding ring, proposal ring


Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring + Hidden Halo

For a solitaire diamond engagement ring with a little extra sparkle, we recommend adding a diamond hidden halo. It's a gorgeous detail that's out of sight at first glance, but creates a striking way to turn up the sparkle while still keeping things beautifully minimal.

The face up view of your diamond engagement ring remains the same, just as simple and classic as the solitaire. It's only when you move your hand, will you see the extra sparkle just under your diamond. 

Hidden halo diamond engagement ring Hong Kong USA


Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring + Hidden Halo & Diamond Pave´

If you love simplicity of a solitaire, but would prefer a little more sparkle, our Pave´ engagement ring setting is the prefect choice. 

The fine band remains the same width, therefore not distracting from the main diamond but adds a lot more wow sparkle to your engagement ring.  

Diamond engagement ring with pave diamond band Hong Kong and USA and UK and Australia


Why Do We Love Minimalist Engagement Rings at Valentina Fine Jewellery?

Many of our clients prefer a classic understated engagement ring, quite often for professional reasons. A simple elegant design allows the wearer to dress the ring up with a wedding band or an eternity ring with additional diamonds but also to keep the look simple during work day. 

Remember, classic engagement rings never go out of fashion!  

Shop our minimalist engagement rings here, or get in touch to design your own diamond ring. 

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