Classic Engagement Rings That Continue To Be Popular

Every year we see new jewellery trends, even when it comes to engagement rings. Some of these trends come and go - from unique ring styles, diamond cuts, to unusual bands and diamond settings, however a classic diamond engagement ring is all you need to stand the test of time. 

There are four engagement ring styles that have never gone out of style, and have been as popular as ever year on year. The four most timeless diamond engagement rings are a classic solitaire engagement ring, a three stone rings, a diamond halo ring and an antique engagement ring. 


Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire diamond engagement ring, 3 carat oval cut diamond ring, 3ct oval shape ring Hong Kong USA UK

A solitaire engagement ring is an absolute classic. The simplest engagement ring setting with all the focus on your diamond and still one of our most requested settings. We keep our gold band slim, to ensure your diamond stands out. 

With a solitaire engagement ring, you can dress it up with a diamond wedding ring  or n eternity band should you wish to add more sparkle. Worn solo, it keeps the look classic.  



Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three stone diamond ring Hong Kong, emerald cut diamond ring


If you like the look of more bling, a three stone diamond ring may be the right setting for you. With multiple side option diamond cuts to choose from, the ring style is as unique as you. A combination of centre stone and side stones creates great finger coverage. 

A round diamond centre diamond for example can be set with tapered baguettes, pears, cushions, old cut diamonds and more, the diamond cut combinations are endless. 


Halo Engagement Rings 

Diamond halo engagement ring, wedding ring style, Hong Kong, fine jewellery, jewellery store Hong Kong island 

If you really want extra sparkle, a diamond halo engagement ring style is for you. Not only does it add extra sparkle to your look, but makes the centre diamond appear visibly larger than it's carat weight.

An engagement ring with a diamond halo can be seen across the room. The small diamonds add a lot of sparkle!


Antique Diamond Engagement Rings

Old Mine Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, Vintage Engagement Ring, old European cut diamond, USA Hong Kong UK Australia

Vintage engagement rings and antique cut diamonds both stood the test of time. We are seeing more and more demand for antique engagement rings, in particular for our USA based clients. 

Old European cut, Old Mine cut, Antique Cushion, Rose Cut and Antique Oval (aka Moval) are hugely in demand. The demand for beautifully cut true antique diamonds by far outstrips their supply as many got recut into modern round brilliant.  

Specifically in America, antique diamonds engagement rings are ever gaining popularity. Whether you prefer a dreamy antique diamond that is over 100 years old, an antique-cut new diamond fresh from the diamond cutters or a lab-grown diamond polished in an antique shape, all of these diamonds are hugely in demand. 

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