Ways to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

When designing a ring, there are ways to make your engagement ring appear bigger without going up in carat size. Choosing the right diamond cut or a setting can make your ring appear much larger without the extra spend. 

1. Choose Oval or Pear Cut

Both Oval and Pear cut diamonds appear larger than the other diamond cuts of identical size due to their elongated shape. Both of these are also less expensive than Round Cut, making them a great choice. All 5 diamonds below are 3ct, the Pear and the Oval look substantially larger.

3ct Diamond Engagement Ring Hong Kong

2. Measurements, Not Carat Size

Carat is a weight of the diamond and doesn't always reflect the face up appearance from above. Deeper diamonds visually appear smaller than shallow diamonds - always check the length and width mm measurements of the diamond as indicated on the GIA or IGI report. Two diamonds of 2ct can appear completely different size face up.

3. Go For a Slimmer Band 

A slimmer band puts more focus on the diamond and its brilliance. The thinner the band, the larger the diamond appears. Our slim band setting ensures the ring is durable, modern and puts all the focus on the diamond. 

4. Prongs are Important 

We recommend setting diamonds in Platinum prongs. Platinum blends with the diamond (unless of course it's a yellow or a colour diamond) and this ensures gold colour is not being reflected by the diamond. Fewer prongs mean less of the diamond is obstructed by the setting. Setting a diamond with four instead of six prongs means you see more diamond and less setting. Six prongs can overwhelm the diamond preventing the light reflecting, taking away sparkle. 

5. Halo Effect

A diamond halo around your centre diamond can make your ring appear substantially larger and adds extra sparkle with the pave´ diamonds. Both of the diamonds below are the same size, the only difference is the diamond halo, making the ring appear substantially larger. 

Diamond Ring Halo vs No Halo

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