Diamond Fluorescence Explained

When designing or purchasing an engagement ring, it is important to understand all unique properties you may see in a diamond. Buying an engagement ring is one of the largest purchases a couple makes, so it's important to be fully informed. At Valentina Fine Jewellery, we pride ourselves with being honest and transparent with our clients when showing a curated selection of diamonds.

Fluorescence is a topic often debated within the jewellery trade creating misconceptions to the clients, which we are going to debunk below. 

What is Fluorescence?

Fluorescence is a naturally occurring property in some diamonds and refers to a diamond's tendency to emit a glow when subjected to ultraviolet light. GIA grades the level of fluorescence each diamond contains - None, Faint, Medium, Strong, Very Strong.

Diamond fluorescence explained


Do All Diamonds Have Fluorescence? 

Only around 25-35% of diamonds have fluorescence and 95% of those fluoresce blue. In rare instances you can see green or yellow fluorescence.  

Can I Save Money Buying a Diamond with Fluorescence?

Yes! Diamonds containing Medium, Strong or Very Strong fluorescence can be discounted up to 15% simply because consumers and some jewellery professionals have a negative misconception about it. If your focus is larger carat size, do not fear the fluorescence! 

Can You See Fluorescence with a Naked Eye?

Diamonds with fluorescence only glow when they are exposed to UV rays. In Strong or Very Strong fluorescent diamonds you might see your diamond fluoresce a little under bright sunlight. On all fluorescent diamonds you will see them glow on a tanning bed or at a nightclub - can be quite a cool feature. Once the UV light is removed, the diamond will stop fluorescing. 

Does Fluorescence Make All Diamonds Milky and Hazy?

Absolutely not! This is a myth. A diamond can sometimes have a milky appearance, although this is exhibited by less than 2% of diamonds with a Strong or Very Strong fluorescence grade only.

Can Fluorescence be Beneficial?

Yes! Diamonds G-L colour, with strong or very strong blue fluorescence can appear to face up whiter than those of the same colour grade without fluorescence. This is due to the fact visually the blue cancels out the yellow. 

Can You Spot Which Diamond Has Fluorescence?

One of these diamonds has a Medium Fluorescence and the other None. Can you tell which one has Fluorescence? Both of these diamonds are D-F range.  

It's actually the first diamond that has Medium fluorescence. Does it look milky or cloudy? Absolutely not! GIA have studied fluorescence in diamonds in detail and have concluded that diamond fluorescence has little to no effect on a diamond’s sparkle.

We are perfectionists and if we are showing you a diamond with fluorescence, rest assured we have checked there are no adverse effects from fluorescence on the diamond prior to offering it to you. We would only show you diamonds we would buy ourselves. 

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